1. Monkey Business Mach II

  2. Christmas Monkey On My Back - GMR Xmas 6

  3. Best Kept Secret
    The Fuzz

  4. I Didn't Know (single)
    Fur For Fairies

  5. Fur For Fairies
    Fur For Fairies

  6. History of Northwest Rock Vol. 1 (1959-1968)
    Tom Dyer's New Pagan Gods

  7. Sunlight Reaches
    Jimm McIver

  8. Escape Goat
    The OF

  9. No Money No Fun
    Me Three

  10. Xmas-30 Years In The Making
    Tom Dyer

  11. Happy Halloween!
    The Green Pajamas

  12. By Reckless Moonlight
    Jeff and Susanne Kelly

  13. On the Floor with Your Mom
    Slam Suzzanne

  14. Something Quick
    The Queen Annes

  15. Green Monkey Records Presents Merry Krampus

  16. November
    The Green Pajamas

  17. Little Trailer Ruby
    Gary Minkler

  18. Ladies & Gentlemen, Your King County Queens
    King County Queens

  19. Oh It's The OF
    The OF

  20. Agony and Ecstasy
    The Colorplates

  21. We Are All Famous
    Jim of Seattle

  22. Frothing the 'Nog: Ye Fourth Green Monkey Christmas

  23. I Ain't Blue Any More
    Tom Dyer

  24. Death by Misadventure
    The Green Pajamas

  25. Summer of Lust
    The Green Pajamas

  26. Beneath Far Gondal's Foreign Sky
    The Goblin Market

  27. Alone (deluxe edition)
    The Life

  28. It Crawled Down the Chimney (It's Another Green Monkey Christmas!)

  29. Bees In Your Bed Bad
    Sigourney Reverb

  30. Green Pajama Country!
    The Green Pajamas

  31. Live at the Showbox 1979
    The Heaters

  32. Appointment with Destiny
    The Icons

  33. It's A Green Monkey Christmas!

  34. Smashface
    The Hitmen

  35. The Red, Red Rose E.P.
    The Green Pajamas

  36. Masters of Disaster
    The Icons

  37. The Complete Book Of Hours
    Green Pajamas

  38. Fun Forest
    The Fuzz

  39. Songs From Academia Vol 2: Instrumental and Spoken Word, 1980-2008
    Tom Dyer

  40. Songs From Academia Vol 1: Songs with Singing, 1981-2009
    Tom Dyer

  41. It Crawled From The Basement-The Green Monkey Records Anthology

  42. Sweet Petunia Modern and The Holograms of Düm
    Jimm McIver

  43. Polaroid Angel
    Jimm McIver

  44. Here Come The Fuzz
    The Fuzz

  45. Ash Wednesday Rain
    Jeff Kelly

  46. Ghosts of Love
    The Green Pajamas


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