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Beautimus and other sounds of the Nineties

by Tom Dyer

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Saturday 03:47
Rhonda 03:05
The Prize 03:55
Julianne 03:45
Zig Zag Red 04:13
Satellite 04:16
Crank It Up 04:36
I'm Your Man 02:31
X-ray 03:23


We now pull out the final cargo in Tom Dyer’s obscure and tenuous past: Beautimus and other sounds of the Nineties. Here’s the lowdown.

Dyer: The songs on the album all come from the 90s and were all recorded at the now-shuttered Art Institute of Seattle (AIS), where I was a faculty member. I was working full-time, a dad and a student at the UW, so these were not real gigging bands, these were recording projects - I love to record! Only six of these nineteen songs have ever been released anywhere.

Beautimus was a hot rocking combo made of former students, folks from bands I had recorded and old pals. I had written this batch of songs and decided it would be a lot of fun to pull something together and lay down tracks. They were all better players than me – I liked that and we got things done fast. We even made a video for The Prize, which fortunately remains hidden in the mists of time. After the project was wrapped, we played one glorious show at The Sunset Tavern in Ballard opening for the Green Pajamas.

Gravy was a short-term studio only beast with Scott McAllister and Dave Wheeler – these two songs are our collected works. They were all made up on the spot – no practice or planning, just glory. Marcel Rom was a friend of Scott’s who happened by and we got her to sing on “Satellite.”

B.L.O.G. (bunch of lame old guys) 1&2 were a faculty/staff bands tossed together over the between-quarter breaks. I mostly provided the songs and general mirth ensued. While most of the songs were written in advance, there was nothing resembling rehearsal involved – get the basic idea, hit record! Overdub a few bits, mix and head for the bar across the street at the Edgewater Inn (yes, the Beatles fished from their windows and Led Zep did the nasty with groupies and mud sharks there). “Heavin’ Tiny Sandwiches” was a hidden track on The Young and The Restless compilation on the school’s 3:23 Reckerds label. A video of “We Are B.L.O.G.” was entered in the AIS faculty show and put on endless loop, much to the consternation of the receptionist.

It was only when I pulled this release together that I realized the whole thing was tied to the Art Institute in the 90’s. The front cover is a self-portrait I created for the faculty art show – using a picture of me taken by a student, a Fender amplifier schematic and a NASA photo of Saturn. The entry was black and white and about 4 feet tall – big head! The back cover is taken by a then-student on the roof of AIS – the inside picture was taken backstage at John Denver’s show at the Moore Theater. He was on the AIS International Board of Advisors and I was there on official business. The young people were students of mine who were working the show. The packed house of grannies loved Mr. Denver.

This release empties the Tom Dyer closets of yore. Sleep easy.


released October 16, 2020

Tom Dyer: Vocals, Guitar; Scott McAllister: Guitars; Sue Orfield: Sax
Laura Bell: Bass; Anthony Zapata: Drums; Kelle Boyd, Sheila Powers: Backing Vox; Jeff Kelly: Keys -1, 2; Glenn Slater: Keys - 3
Sarah DeBell: Keys - 6, 7, 9
1-5 engineered by Phil Ek; 6-9 engineered by Michael Lord and Dave Wheeler
Produced and mixed by Tom Dyer All songs by Tom Dyer

Tom Dyer - Vocals/What-not; Scott McAllister - Guitar/etc.; Dave Wheeler - Excellent Things; Marcelle Rom - Vocal
Produced by Gravy. Songs by Gravy

B.L.O.G. I
Tom Dyer: Vocals/Guitar/Sax/Keys; Keith Livingston: Guitar/Bass/Backing Vox; Roy Scimeca: Drums; Dan Lafferty - Voice/Backing Vox
Produced by Tom Dyer & B.L.O.G.
All songs by Tom Dyer except “Heavin’ Tiny Sandwiches” by Tom Dyer and Keith Livingston

Tom Dyer: Vocals/Guitar/Sax; Kenny Smith: Guitar/Backing Vox;
Fred Modica : Bass; Roy Scimeca: Drums; Dan Lafferty: Acoustic Guitar
Clyde: Percussion; Dave Danioth: Sax/Flute; Tim Schutz: Trumpet
Engineered by Kevin Bressler. Additional Engineering by Jay Follette
Produced and mixed by Tom Dyer. All songs by Tom Dyer

Recorded in the Art Institute of Seattle (AIS) studios. Mastered by Tom Dyer 2020.
Thanks to all the people who made this fun.
Special thanks to Dan Lafferty for everything.
Apologies to anyone I forgot - it was a long time ago.
© Half The World Publishing


all rights reserved



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