Christmas In Olympia

by Tom Dyer and the True Olympians

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This is the debut release for Tom Dyer and the True Olympians. It is quite jolly. They are working on their debut album which will be out in spring. This is Tom Dyer's 12th or thirteen release or so in the last few years. Whew.


released November 25, 2017

Tom Dyer - Vocals, Guitar
Joe Cason - Keyboards, Vocals
Gene Tveden - Bass, Vocals
Tom Shoblum - Drums, Percussion
Produced, recorded and all that stuff by Tom Dyer


all rights reserved


Track Name: Christmas In Olympia
Christmas In Olympia

I think that I’ll go downtown
A chill is in the air
Gonna get a little gift
For someone I care about
Think I’ll get some chocolate at
Encore Chocolate and Teas
Gonna hit up Rainy Day Records
For Christmas songs from Beat Happening
Christmas In Olympia

Going to the Capitol Rotunda
Gonna hug their festive tree
Gonna head to the Capitol Theater for the
Procession of Species Christmas Jamboree
Rolling up to Eastside Big Tom’s
Get my girl a peppermint shake
Hangin’ out in Sylvester Park
I think I see that first snow flake

David Scherer Water say
Forty-one bars in our downtown
That’s a lot of Christmas cheer
Baby gonna meet you at the Rhythm and Rye
Christmas In Olympia
Track Name: Christmas Is Love
Gather up your friends
Gather up your family
Hold close those that you hold dear
Take your time with them
Hear the words they have to say
Count those blessings for the year
Christmas is love

Gather in the kitchen
Sit before the fire
Watch the evening turn dark blue
Take part of your day
To greet the world out side
Help others more unfortunate than you.
Christmas is love

If you’re feeling lonely
You can let it go today
There is hope now coming
If you only let it
Take a look outside

In the morning we may
Travel far away
To the places we call home
Before we leave let’s make a promise to hold dear
This day we shared and hope for many more
Christmas is love

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