Death On Mounts Road

by Amy Denio-Tom Dyer



Amy Denio and Tom Dyer have been around long enough to qualify as Northwest music institutions. Despite that, this is their first full collaboration. “Death at Mounts Road” is about the December 18, 2017 Amtrak derailment which killed three people and injured sixty-two, the deadliest train crash in Washington state since1910. As should be the case, this song is neither pretty nor happy, it is rather grim.

The song is being released as a digital single this Friday, February 2, initially through Bandcamp, followed quickly by all major download and streaming sites. It will be released jointly through Green Monkey and Amy’s Spoot Music. (Spoot.andcamp/spoot something, greenmonkeyrecords.bandcamp something.) A video for the song is in the planning stages.
Two weeks ago Amy & Tom got together on a Sunday with no plan beyond writing and recording something; this is the (un)happy result. Amy had contributed some parts on one of Tom’s albums a few years back, but this was true collaboration. No net. Both are well pleased with the outcome and expect to try this again.
Amy Denio is a prolific artist with over 200 albums released in a variety of styles. Her most recent solo album is The Big Embrace.
Tom Dyer, while not as prolific as Amy, has released fifteen albums and singles since 2009. His most recent is the “Christmas In Olympia/Christmas is Love” single with Tom Dyer and The True Olympians.


released February 2, 2018

Written and performed by Amy Denio and Tom Dyer
Recorded and Mixed by Tom Dyer
Amy Denio – Vocals, Bass, Organ, Bulbul Tarang,
Tom Dyer - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Drum programming
Nick Vroman, Virginia Sorrells – Backing Vocals


all rights reserved


Track Name: Death At Mounts Road
The train came rolling 'round the bend
Things would now get bad
It flew from tracks to freeway
Things were now bad
Death at Mounts Road

Today was the maiden voyage
The train was very full
The coffee was hot and delicious
Things got bad
Death at Mounts Road

The train trainers weren't no-brainers
But they didn't do their job
Eighty miles an hour in a thirty zone
They didn't do their job
The passengers bought more than they anticipated
They planned a different day
Their car fell to the freeway below
We give them all our love

Sixty-two injured, three were dead
We ask the question why
Money or incompetence
We ask why
Death at Mounts Road

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